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Precise Beard Pen

Revere Men's Care Precise Beard Pen is an easy to use, long lasting waterproof pen that’s guaranteed & designed to give your beard a natural appearance by contouring & restoring your hair line, gaps, and thinning areas. Achieve that clean and sharp lined beard with Revere's precise beard pen! Fill in gaps and desired areas by contouring and defining in the direction of hair growth, then brush applied areas to blend and naturalize desired area. Guaranteed to give your beard that clean and sharp look while reducing the appearance of gaps and problem areas.

    Precise Beard Pen

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    • WATER & SWEAT PROOF - No worrying about running and smudging!
    • LONG LASTING - Lasts all day, giving you the confidence you need for at least 24 hours!
    • EASY APPLICATION- make sure beard is clean and dry. Fill In the gaps and desired areas, making sure to contour and define in the direction of hair growth and beard line. Brush applied areas to blend and naturalize beard.

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